Woolworths Car Insurance

The following are built-in benefits that are covered if a car owner buys Comprehensive Car Insurance. Woolworths will pay for these benefits.
  1. New for old replacement. If the car is declared a total loss within 24 months of the registration, Woolworths has the option of replacing the old car with a new one. This replacement would be the same or similar make and model.In the event that Woolworths does replace the car, the claim is settled as per the market value of the car.
  2. Towing. The insurance pays for towing of the damaged car to the closest safe or secure place.
  3. Trailer and caravan cover. Woolworths pays up to $1,000 for loss or damage to a caravan or trailer that is attached to the car at the time of the accident. The trailer or caravan will not be covered if they are insured with another insurance provider.
  4. Essential repairs. The insurance pays up to $500 for essential repairs that may ensue after an accident. These repairs should be made to make the car roadworthy and safe.
  5. Personal property. Personal property to the sum of $500 damaged in the accident is covered by the insurance policy. Items that are exempt from cover include mobile phones, iPads, gaming consoles, cameras, musical instruments, laptops, tools, equipment, cheques, cash and documents and property inside the caravan or trailer.
  6. Child safety seats and prams. If child seats, prams and baby capsules are damaged during an accident, a benefit of up to $500 will be paid.
  7. Emergency travel and accommodation costs. If the car cannot be driven and the car owner is 200 km from home, the insurance will pay up to $500 for travel or emergency accommodation costs.
  8. Locks and keys. If the car keys are stolen, Woolworths will pay up to $1,000 to replace the keys and/or replace the locks. This amount is payable only if the car owner reports the theft to the police and the person who has stolen the keys is not a family member or someone who lives with the car owner.
  9. Transit cover. Woolworths car insurance pays for any loss or damage the car sustains while it is being transported, loaded or unloaded within Australia. This transportation can be by rail, ship, air or road.
  10. Uninsured motorist extension benefit. Should a car owner have Third Party Property Damage insurance and the car is involved in an accident, which is caused by a motorist who does not have insurance, the insurance will pay up to $3,000 towards repair of the damage and towing costs. There are certain criteria that the car owner must fulfil in order to avail this benefit.
  11. Substitute car benefit. If the car cannot be driven and the car owner has an accident while driving an uninsured but registered substitute car, Woolworths car insurance will offer Third Party Property Damage cover for the substitute car while the car owner’s car is being repaired. 
  12. You can add roadside assistance to any of the policy types, so you know exactly who to call in the event of a breakdown.
It can help out with:
  • Minor repairs: Woolworths will organise minor breakdown repairs to be carries where possible.
  • Flat batteries: Woolworths roadside assistance will offer a jump start, or coordinate a replacement battery to be delivered to you. The cost of the battery itself isn’t covered, but you can get it delivered to and installed in your car.
  • Emergency fuel: If you run out of fuel, Woolworths can arrange the delivery of enough to reach your destination, up to a certain limit, or towing to a petrol station.
  • Flat tyres: Get a flat, and Woolworths can send someone to either change it for your spare, or to transport the car to a tyre outlet.
  • Lost or locked keys: Woolworths roadside assistance contributes up to $50 to locksmith costs if you lock your keys inside the car, or for the delivery of a spare key.
  • Towing: If you’re stuck, Woolworths roadside assistance can cover the cost of towing up to 100km.
  • Note that some of the usual car insurance terms and conditions apply to the roadside assistance as well. For example, you won't be able to call it out if your car is damaged because you were drag racing on a public road.
How do I apply for Woolworths car insurance?

  1. Compare the cover options available and find one that’s right for your needs.
  2. To get the Price Beat offer, you need to have comparable comprehensive car insurance from a different provider, must make the switch within a month of your policy renewal date and need to sign up online.
  3. Put in your Woolworths Rewards membership details if applicable to maximise your benefits.
  4. Once you’ve found your intended policy and made sure you know the relevant terms and conditions, simply get a quote online.
To receive a quote you will need:
  • A policy start-date in mind. If you want to make the switch right away select today’s date in the box provided
  • Driver’s licence and vehicle registration information
  • Car usage info to see if you can get the Drive Less Pay Less benefit and so Woolworths can adjust your policy to suit
  • Information on your car’s make and model
  • Relevant personal information such as name and address
  • With an innovative underwriter, Woolworths may offer creative deals – like price matching comprehensive car insurance – that you might have difficulty finding elsewhere.
  • A full spectrum of policies from basic to comprehensive means most drivers can find the cover they need with Woolworths.
  • Woolworths’ 24/7 claims team is based in Australia so you can find the right assistance in the event of a claim.
  • You can take advantage of Drive Less Pay Less cover for the security of comprehensive car insurance even when you don’t drive all that much. If you drive less than the average Australian you may be eligible for a discount.
  • A variety of optional extras and flexible cover features mean you are able to tailor Woolworths car insurance policies to more closely meet your needs. Source: finder.com.au

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