Get Low Cost Comprehensive Car Insurance With Bingle

Get Low Cost Comprehensive Car Insurance With Bingle provides low-cost coverage for a broad range of problems including accidents, theft and damage you cause to other people’s property. This review will outline the policy’s main features, extras and exclusions.

There are many exclusions and conditions where Bingle will refuse your claim. These include:
  • Damage caused by general wear and tear and electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • If your car’s windows or windscreen are damaged but nothing else is (you can select Windscreen and Window Glass Only cover for an additional cost)
  • Using your car for monetary purposes
  • Using your car for illegal purposes
  • If the driver was under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
There are a few more things you should know about this policy:
  1. Cooling-off period. If you haven’t made a claim in the first 21 days you can cancel the policy with a full refund.
  2. Repayments. You can choose to pay in instalments or as a lump sum (please note that paying an annual lump sum will cost you less in the long run).
  3. Repairs. If your car needs repair work Bingle will always use its own repairers (these repairs come with a lifetime guarantee).
  4. Contributions to repairs. If Bingle agrees to pay for your repairs you may still need to pay for repairs to items not covered in the policy (such as pre-existing damage) if the repairs are necessary to get your car working again.
Key plan features include:
  • Coverage for damage in an accident
  • Coverage for natural damage (storms and floods)
  • Coverage for theft or malicious damage
  • Towing and storage costs while your claim is being processed
  • Emergency repairs to get you moving
  • Emergency accommodation and travel costs
  • Liability coverage for damage caused while using your car for work. Source:

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